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Hi, I'm Alexandre Neto

Alexandre Neto

Geospatial Consultant

I work as geospatial consultant freelancer. I have more than 20 years of working experience. On my daily work, I help others with their GIS/Geospatial challenges and workflows, mainly using QGIS, GDAL, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Python and other free and open source solutions.

I run regular online trainings on “Introduction to QGIS”, “Cartography and Datavis with QGIS”, “Relational Spatial Databases with QGIS and PostGIS”, and “Introduction to PyQGIS”.

I firmly believe that knowledge needs to be spread as much as possible. That is why I often share tips and tutorials on my blog, twitter, and Linkedin. I also answer questions on mailing lists, and the QGIS Community Telegram chat.

I try to be an active member of the QGIS community, where I help with documentation, testing, and Portuguese translations.


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